New negotiating team, May target & Merkel’s determination: News Roundup


(Greek Reporter)

Tsipras reshuffles negotiating team after Riga debacle 27 April (EKathimerini): “ Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday reshuffled his team handling talks with European and IMF lenders, after his finance minister [Yanis Varoufakis] was sharply criticized for his performance at a eurozone meeting last week.”
Turkey captures more migrants heading to Greece via Aegean Sea 4 May (Hurriyet Daily News): “The Turkish Coast Guard captured 155 migrants sailing to a Greek island in the Aegean Sea via unsafe boats as part of operations in Thracian and Aegean provinces on May 3.”
Greece vows to pay debts as it awaits handout from international creditors  4 May (The Guardian)
Greece targets May agreement as ECB funding decision looms 4 May (EKathimerini)
German exports to Greece drop sharply 4 May (Deutsche Welle)
German Press: Merkel has Decided to Save Greece 5 May (Greek Reporter)

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