Frontex begins migrant deportations to Turkey; Erdogan’s security causes chaos in D.C., March 27 to April 4

Frontex transported 202 migrants on Monday from Greek islands back to Turkey, adhering to the EU-Turkey deal to curb irregular migrant flows into Europe. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to a D.C. research institution caused clashes between his security detail, protesters, journalists and local authorities.

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Istanbul suicide bomb attack linked to ISIS; Migrant, refugee deal criticized as “unethical,” March 14 to March 20

Suicide bomb attack on Turkish city Istanbul has been linked to an ISIS member, according to Turkish authorities; Deal struck between EU and Turkey that began turning refugees and migrants back to Turkey on Sunday, March 20 has been criticized by human rights advocates as “unethical.”

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Undocumented students find support at George Mason University

George Mason University is one of the schools in Virginia that accepts undocumented students, who are not citizens and do not have legal documentation of their residency in the United States either because their visa expired or they were brought to the U.S. unauthorized. These students are often first-generation college students and must often pay out-of-state tuition without the help of loans, grants or other federal financial aid.

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