Istanbul suicide bomb attack linked to ISIS; Migrant, refugee deal criticized as “unethical,” March 14 to March 20

Suicide bomb attack on Turkish city Istanbul has been linked to an ISIS member, according to Turkish authorities; Deal struck between EU and Turkey that began turning refugees and migrants back to Turkey on Sunday, March 20 has been criticized by human rights advocates as “unethical.”

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EU-Turkey migration agreement reached; Europe to send migrants, refugees back to Turkey for legal relocation to EU

The European Council and Turkey agreed on Friday to a plan to manage the flow of migrants and refugees into the European Union. Under this agreement, migrants and refugees who arrived in Greece by illegal means will be returned to Turkey where they will proceed through the asylum process to relocate to a European country.

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Spanish economic crisis causes reduced aid to asylum seekers

Spain hosted 6.5 million migrants in 2013, according to the OECD “World Migration in Figures” report. Migrants comprise less than 14 percent of Spain’s 46.77 million. Although a seemingly low percentage compared to the United States’ 45.8 million migrants, the European economic crisis and the social conditions in Spain put an extra strain on migrants.

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